About us



Welcome to Kuumbati, a place where young minds can flourish with their imagination. Our mission is to inspire a love of reading and learning in children from an early age by offering a wide selection of interesting and educational books. Our shelves are filled with age-appropriate books for children at all reading levels, from picture books to young adult novels. Our warm and friendly environment creates a safe and inviting space for children to explore and discover new worlds through the pages of a book. In addition, we hold regular reading hours, book clubs and craft activities to encourage interaction and stimulate creativity. We believe that the love of books for life begins here at Little Readers Bookstore. Come join us for a magical reading journey today!

Our Mission

“To inspire children’s love of reading and learning by providing a diverse selection of age-appropriate books and creating a warm, inclusive environment that encourages discovery and creativity.”


  1. To offer a wide selection of books that meet the different interests, reading levels and cultural backgrounds of children.
  2. Encourage a love of books and reading through regular reading hours, book clubs and educational activities.
  3. Create a safe and welcoming environment that encourages children to explore new worlds through books.
  4. Promote diversity and inclusion by offering books that reflect different cultures, perspectives and experiences.
  5. To encourage the development of lifelong learning by providing educational resources and promoting lifelong learning.
  6. Create a strong sense of community among children, parents and educators by hosting events and providing resources that promote interaction and collaboration.