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Bouki the mean and unscrupulous hyena tries to eat the children of his friend Leuk the hare. A story created and narrated by Coumba Toure

Minianba the big boa from Ghana decides to go on an adventure and learns to be a foreigner. A story created and narrated by Coumba Toure

A village is threatened by locusts. The children find a solution. A creation of Coumba Touré for children

Jaan bi tukki woon. A story created and narrated by Coumba Toure

In wolof The children who eat grasshoppers

How the monkey farmer gave a lesson to the Baboon destroyers. A story create and told by Coumba Toure

A story about how the ocean became blue by keeping her eyes on the sky

A story of a woman who brought her son for healing to Bozos the water people who healed mind sickness with water.

un poème sur l’Afrique – Coumba Touré

Coumba Toure calls for the criminalization of slavery For Memories and Sharing. (in French)

We are building solidarity to give birth to a world free from racism

Coumba Toure and Oelia Koroma send a voice note to Thomas Sankara about the Debt injustice

Poem about Africa – Coumba Toure

A poem from Coumba Touré