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Plume du monde bookstore

Dakar sacred heart

Contact: 777949789

The Saly bookstore

Saly center

Contact: 78165399

Henriette Bathily Museum

Dakar, Place du Souvenir

Contact: 776559099

Smooth stone store


Contact: 776340532

Bd Passion

Sacred Heart

Contact: 778568562

Harmattan Bookstore


Contact: 773701424



Organize regular storytelling sessions where children have the opportunity to experience books read aloud and engage with the characters and stories

Organize book clubs for children of different ages to encourage reading and create a community of book lovers.

Organize events and workshops around the book, such as writing workshops, drawing workshops or arts and crafts activities on the theme of the book.

Offer personalized book recommendations based on the child’s interests and reading level

Organize reading programs and contests to encourage children to continue reading during the summer vacations

Organizing visits and book signings by popular authors to engage children and promote reading

Coumba Touré

CEO Kuumbati

Born and raised between Mali and Senegal, Coumba Touré is a writer of children’s books and storyteller. She publishes children’s stories and organizes art events targeting the minds of children through Kumbati, her new production company, and the Falia Association, a collective of educators and artists. She also designs popular education programs focusing on women and children.


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